Start With ‘WHY’

Having motivation is essential for everything you do in your life, including business. Before searching for a way, answer the “Why?”.


Marketing is not only about advertising and being seen. It is all about tiny details that make you better than your competitors.


It is talent and highly skilled people making your company successful. Manage and motive them propely, and be the employer of choice.


In today’s tough competition, sales depends on details. You only have one chance to make a good impression. Be fully prepared!

You are probably searching for information and tools that will help you advance your business and push it to higher success and bigger profit. We assume that you have a great product or a service, but you feel that the potential is much higher.

So, what to do next? And why?
Many people think that a product or service, its features, quality and price is the key factor potential clients see. However, within today’s huge competition, this is simply not enough!

Why should you care more about marketing and management? Because all the products among the competitiors are very similar or the same. The question is How to be different?

Well, adding more features and options and a lower price will not do the trick. Your potential clients have developed into extremely picky people and they don’t see just the product. They need emotions, stories; they need to feel that you care and provide solutions to what they actually need.

Here comes marketing and management. At first, you might think that these two terms represent theories that only big corporations play with. This is not true. Marketing is all about how you communicate with your client. Management is about how your employees handle their task and how they care about your client.

Let’s consider some extreme examples – if your marketing is perfect, but management is weak, than your social campaigns and advertising will impress. However, your staff might not deliver what was promised. And the result? The client will never return again no matter how great your marketing campaign is. On top of that, they will most likely write a negative review about their experience discouraging even more potential clients.

On the other side, if your management is perfect, but your marketing is weak, people will simply not trust your business. You will not get the chance to sell anything. The reason is, people might not even understand what the benefits of your products/services are.

Management is a company’s internal system of getting things done. It includes leadership, motivation, staffing , team development and others. If your management is correct, your employees are motivated and appreciated, then their work brings the expected results for your clients. It is extremely important to deliver what was promised, otherwise your clients will never return and they will not refer your business. Modern management can benefit from advanced team development strategies and tools.

In cooperation with Team Excellence, Inc. we teach our clients how to use Team Development Strategy™.

Marketing is the way your company communicates with prospects and clients. Many people think that marketing only means advertisement. However, it is much more than that.

The way your employees communicate, your office, your clothes, the time it takes you to respond – all these details are a part of marketing.

If a client walks into your office, and there is a banana peel on your table and a dirty cup, you just made a bad impression. If your employee walks into your office and he does not greet the client and only talks to you, that is a bad marketing! The more choice we have, the more sensitive we are to these details.

And the scary part? We only have one chance! There is so many similar products that we simply won’t try risking a bad experience again. The hard part about marketing for your own company is, that we all tend not to see the bad things. This is why an external unbiased opinion is very useful.

There is a big difference between sales and marketing. Today, maybe even bigger than two decades ago. Marketing will bring people to your website or a store. They will recognize your brand, they might even like what you have. However, this still does not guarantee you closing a sale and make money.

Many entrepreneurs, who are true experts, think too much about the product or service. They have a perfect product to offer, but people still don’t want to buy it. Then you ask yourself why it is not enough to have the best product. The answer is simple. People don’t care that much about the product itself. They want it either for fun, to solve some kind of issue they have or make their life easier in some way. If you don’t succeed presenting the benefits for the client and rather concentrate on the product itself, you will not reach a big commercial success.

Let us examine your sales strategy and help you build a better system. We look at your business the same way as your clients do. Many sales representatives lie to themselves and try to come up with new excuses why it did not work. We will help you find these obstacles and overcome them.

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