5 reasons why it’s good to have a copywriter

Copywriting has been experiencing a big boom in recent years. Companies know that if they want to succeed, they need content marketing. And with this difficult task, a professional copywriter can help.


Copywriting is one of the disciplines that is often underestimated. "Everyone can write," we can hear from all sides. Many companies take the writing of articles, texts on websites or social networks into their own hands, so they are happy because they don’t have to pay for that. However, this is not always the right choice. In this article, we will show you 5 reasons why a good copywriter is worthy.

What is copywriting, and why is it important

 Copywriting is the creation of advertising and marketing texts that are intended to promote the sale of products or services. But it's not just putting words together - a good copywriter can use words that evoke emotions and can get under the skin of a potential customer. Short and simple, it can get them to the desired action, whatever it is - purchase, registration, reservation, and more.


Besides growing competition in the market, companies realized how important is to have good texts. No wonder they invest up to 46% of their budget in content marketing (Hubspot). The marketing team with the help of a copywriter is then able to create a corporate identity and texts that will correspond to the vision of the company and bring in new customers.


Representative content

 The first thing you get with a copywriter is representative content. If the web content is written by a non-professional, that could bring you problems. Ask yourself if you give reaper your car to a non-professional person. Same works with a copywriter.


The copywriter should know exactly, how to write a text that will increase interest. He/she will know which tone to choose to be consistent with the company's identity. The aim should be a grammatically and stylistically flawless text that communicates a clear message to the reader.


Building trust with customers

 A copywriter creates text for customers. They are well aware that they have to speak their language and describe the service or product so that they understand it perfectly - and they feel best that this service or product is what they are looking for.

Also, the text is a valuable tool for building relationships and trust with customers. A good text is the first step to gaining loyalty. This is evidenced by some of the studies which state that after reading the text on the website. Up to 64% of users found the brand to be trustworthy.

Engaged customers

 Are you afraid that people will lose interest in your brand over time? With a good copywriter, these worries are useless. The copywriter should have experience in writing a variety of content. Such as blog articles, interviews, and social media posts. He has to choose always the one that is most successful with the target group. To achieve this result, he must properly test the various alternatives and then evaluate the best one.


Better site placement in a search engine

 Every good copywriter should also be aware of what SEO is. Although, the resulting text is written exclusively for customers. They evaluate not only the quality and relevance of the content but also the keywords involved. A professional copywriter is aware of these requirements, and while Google changes its algorithm 500 to 600 times a year, it can create compelling content with a balanced number of keywords.


We can mention how many times Google has made changes and improvements in the last 10 years (data source moz.com)

  • 2018 - 3234
  • 2017 - 2453
  • 2016 - 1653
  • 2013 - 890
  • 2012 - 665
  • 2011 - 538
  • 2010 - 516
  • 2009 - 350-400


google update.jpg

 If there is anything outside the ads that can drive sales, then it is undoubtedly well-written text. And that is exactly what companies and businesses are all about. A professional copywriter can write a text in such a way as to get readers to buy or at least increase their interest. That is why the text is very key not only on the web but also on the e-shop, leaflet, newsletter, and other places. Surveys show that well-written text will increase the probability of sales by up to 131%.

What is your experience with copywriters? Tell us in the comments.