Are you an effective manager?


If you run your own firm, or you are employed as a manager in a bigger company, you need to deal with one of the most difficult business part – your employees. Humans are much more difficult to understand and control than any machine or device. Many people in a working position think that manager is a useless person with unfairly high salary. However, without managers, no company could manage to grow.

A new manager role

If you are a leader of a startup business, you may even not recognize all your managing duties. As soon as you hire your first employees, your decisions as a manager make much higher impact and consequences can last much longer than you might imagine. As a startup entrepreneur you can slowly develop your managing skills and prepare yourself for company growing. In case you were hired for a managing position, the situation might be even more difficult. You have to understand the whole company, the internal processes and get familiar with all your team members. The worst thing about being hired for a managing position is that you have to get along with people you didn’t choose yourself. This creates even bigger challenge for you as a new manager.
In this series of articles, we will discuss the manager position, duties and responsibilities of managers, common mistakes leaders tend to do and how to avoid them. We will post new chapters on regular basis, so keep eye on our website. Blog is much better than a paper book, because the web offers two way communications. You are welcome to leave comments or questions. We will be happy to discuss the topics in the text.


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