How to recognize bad SEO companies?

SEO industry has changed in past two years a lot and is changing even faster. Everybody knows Panda and Penguin updates. Recently, Penguin 2.0 was released. Moreover, google said they would update their databse regularly - on monthly basis. This has increased the speed of SEO change even more. The biggest companies like Google and Facebook work on personalized searches leading to different search results for every person. It seems that the traditional SEO will almost disappear. However, there plenty of so called SEO expert companies that offer thousands of links, hunderds followers on social media etc. If you see such services, you can be certain that the guys don't know what they are doing. Here is a list of services that you should never use and a shor explanation why we think so.

Thousands of followers on Twitter

Why this is bad? Twitter is fighting against spam and fake accounts. You can still buy a gig on fiver promising to deliver 3,000 followers. Most of these gigs provide only fake followers. Do you really think they might be useful? On top of that, Twitter limits how many followers you can get a day. If you exceed the number (its less than 100), your account gets suspended. If you do this several times, your account will be banned forever.

Thousands of likes on facebook

Why this is bad? Currently, this will probably not cause banning your account, however, it the effect of such service is doubtful. You can invest into fake likes for your bad conent, but what next? The real visitors recognize the bad content anyway and will not share not like it. If you do this for a business purpose, invest $5 into a good article rather than fake likes. A good article can generate actual leads that have a chance to convert into sales.

Thousands of links

Why this is bad? Quantity is no more helpful. Google strongly prefers quality of your links. Even one good link can raise your ranking up to the top. Companies that offer thousands links for very low money usually use only their own link farms and directories. Google fights these kind of farms strongly and most of them completly lost their meaning. Don't be naive, google can see the big picture and can recognize the farms. Google employs the most talented people and their algorithms and the use of artificial intelligence is getting better. Link building is still a useful technique, but it must be natural and you have to stay with good directories and search engines, at least PR1. Don't bother with site that have ranking N/A or that are very new.

Thousands of blog comments

This is one of the worst technique. Not only that these links don't work any more, you let the company spam using your name. At our site, we delete tens of similar spammy comments every day. Blog commenting and leaving a link is ok as long as you provide some value. Comment like "Thank you for sharing. Check my blog ..http:/..." is useless. Don't do that. Once you get a reputation as a spammer, you will need a lot of time to get rid of it.