Automated tools for SEO?

Many people think that SEO can be very easy using automated tools. You can find tens of various products/services on the Internet. However, one needs to be very careful about the choice.

Trillion Twitter followers?

If you go to fiverr, you can order 3000 twitter followers for only $5. Is this service worth it? Certainly NOT! Such service is violating the twitter rules in several ways. And not only the broken rules are a problem. Twitter monitors how many followers you have and what is the increase within a time interval. If someone adds 3000 followers to your twitter account in 5 minutes, you can be sure, that your account will be suspended! If you try the same again, your account will be blocked or removed permanently and you will need to start over with a new twitter name. Do not try it, it is certainly not worth the consequences!

Automated blog posters?

A similar thing can happen with bookmarking tools, article submitters, automated blog comments etc. Keep in mind that Google spends millions of dollars for research and their robots and crawlers get smarter every day. Simply, Google can recognize that you have used an automated tool for blog comments, especially if you do it wrong - the same comment, the same IP address, the same user-name, or too many blog comments with the same link during a short period of time. There are many things that need your attention. If you make several mistakes, Google will penalize your web and ignore all suspicious links to your web site.