Don't make your clients mad even if they leave you

A few month ago, our company started to care about social media of a new client. They hired another marketing company before us, but they didn't do a particularly good job. The first task for us was to move all the social media accounts to our control. Right at this stage, the issues began. The former marketing company created a Twitter and G+ account. For me, the logical way was, they just would have given me the logins/passwords, and we could have continued in the work. However, it was not that simple! A silly policy of the former marketing company stated that they could not share their accounts. For me, this was a nice opportunity for a facepalm. They offered me to delete the other accounts so that we could start over. Even this offer makes almost no sense because everything they had created would be deleted - everything the client already paid for! But the problems continued even further. They deleted the Twitter account, which was the only solution according to their crazy policies. However, even though the account was deleted, the username for my client was engaged for a few months. Of course, corporations such as Twitter or Facebook have no support at all whom you can contact. Therefore, we created a temporary username for the Twitter account, and we were waiting until the old username was available again. I was checking the username availability three times a week hoping that no one would be faster than me to take the username. The conclusion from this short story is - Don't make your clients mad, even if they leave you. They are leaving because most likely they were not satisfied with what you have done so far. It's your fault, not theirs! Is this a reason to complicate their lives and have them never even consider your services again? As described above - the former marketing company managed to make a nightmare from an absolutely trivial task as logins sharing. We lost all the social media history and needed to start all over. Moreover, we were in risk of loosing the most suitable Twitter username.