10 Great Jobs That Need Math

We’ve all been there in school where you watch the teacher doing some massive math equation on the board and you think, ‘What the hell am I going to need math for?’
As it turns out, you need math for a lot of things. From simply splitting a dinner bill between you and your friends to basic work such as doing checkout at the till in retail stores, it’s not all about algebra equations.
However in the long run, there are ten awesome jobs out there that need a good understanding and top qualifications in math. So before you fall asleep in the next math class, check out these amazing jobs that math could offer you. 

10 jobs requiring math

1) Air Traffic Controller

If air traffic and safety is your thing, then look no further. Air traffic controllers coordinate air traffic to ensure that planes are at a safe distance from each other. They ensure safety with quick and accurate mental math to direct planes by telling them what altitudes and speed to fly.

2) Animator

Who doesn’t love animation? Believe or not, to be an animator it’s not just about being a creative spirit. You need a good understanding of linear algebra to figure out simple sets of equations. Plus you need to work out the different aspects of geometric figures in order to calculate frame rates and create the illusion of movement. Phew!

3) Architect

Math is not only used to calculate mere measurements when it comes to architecture. The relationship between math and architecture actually goes back to Ancient Greek times with the use of the ‘golden ratio’ aka as ‘Phi’ or ‘golden rectangle’. This equation has been used to construct many Greek building such as the Parthenon. The use of the mathematical equations is used to analyse and calculate structural problems that can occur so that architects can solve them. How cool is that?

4) Astronaut

It’s not all about hitting the gym and walking on the moon when it comes to being an astronaut. Surprisingly, astronauts need a top qualification in math and use these skills to make precise calculations like how the spacecraft or rocket leaves earth’s atmosphere to designing the spacecrafts and how they pilot them. It takes a lot of mathematical work to be an astronaut but if you’re passionate about it then it’s worth it.

5) Climatologist

Trying to predict the weather and climate change is harder than it looks. Climatologists put their mathematically skills into play by investigating and collecting climate data. They use math to use sophisticated computer software’s to study how earth’s climate changes and to see if we would be affected. Math doesn’t sound boring when it’s about climate.

6) Engineering

Engineering is such a broad field since there are different kinds of engineering such as chemical, mechanical and petroleum engineering. Despite this, they all have a common thread, math. A good understanding of math helps engineers to problem solve, deal with computer modeling, validate programs and work with new technologies such as horizontal drilling.

7) Cryptanalyst

Who wouldn’t want to be a cryptanalyst? You get to prevent hackers from hacking into systems, decode messages for the government or the military and analyse and decipher secret codes. Math is used to follow formulas, test out theories, encrypt systems, apply numerical analysis and more. It’s an amazing job that fuses math and computers together.

 8) Doctor

Being a doctor is about constantly being in the operating room and doing practical work. Doctors use math when it comes to writing prescriptions or administering medicine because they need to measure the correct dosage. It is needed to use X-Ray and CAT scan machines and to draw up graphs to determine the success of treatments.

 9) Forensic Scientist

We have those moments when we watch NCIS or CSI and we automatically want to be a forensic scientist. Math is an essential tool in forensic science as it mathematically determines what happened during a crime. It could help determine a weapon through blood splatter patterns, the perpetrator through detailed measurements of weight, shoe size and where the attacker was standing etc. Let’s face it; this job makes math sound awesome.

 10) Geologist

You wouldn’t think it but math has become important in geology. It helps geologists formulate scientific theories to explain and determine a variety of geological phenomena that the earth throws at us.
After listing those jobs, math doesn’t sound boring anymore. There are plenty of ways to encourage your kids with mathand this handy guide from Classroom Carrots is sure to inspire you with lots of ways to make it fun.
What other great jobs are there that need math? Leave your comments below.

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