Is money more important than satisfied client?

During the past weeks, we tested several services and products. We tried as an advertising channel. After the first two days we were sure, that this service is completly useless and all their traffic is just bots. Google analytics shows the bounce rate over 99% and average visit time 0-3 seconds. Why in a world would anybody pay for such useless service?
We asked immediately to refund the rest of our money. But when we looked into the Terms & Conditions, we saw that the money is strictly "NON-REFUNDABLE". Their arrogance is so huge, that they even write it in capital letters so that nobody can overlook that.
A rhetorical question is - Is the money they get worth making a customer angry? The answer is certainly No
If you are not satisfied with the product, the supplier should appologize and refund everything, not only the remaining money! In our company, we would never ask a client for money, if our services don't satisfy the client's needs. Of course, mistakes can happen, sometimes things just don't end up in the way you expect, but our duty is to take responsibility for the results. We treat our clients in the same way as we want to be treated by our vendors and suppliers - and even better! Our goal is to establish a tight partnership with our clients.
Whenever you see "strictly non-refund policy", you should be warned. Stay away from these companies who don't even trust their own products.