Waiter vs Food Carrier – Marketing Everywhere

The main idea we try to teach our clients is that the correct answer to the question “Who does marketing in your company?” is “Everyone”. Keep that in mind. It is nor “the PR guy”, neither “the marketing department”. Every single employee or a contractor spreads a marketing message about your company into the world. You, as a business owner or a manager has a full responsibility for your employees and what kind of messages they spread outside your company.

Marketing in our daily life

Recently, I ordered a steak in a restaurant. I was in the middle of the conversation with my friends, and I didn’t concentrate on my order that much. The result of the lack of my attention was a meal I didn’t really like. I don’t like rare steaks, but I got one, and I definitely wanted a side dish. The waiter didn’t ask me how the meat should be prepared or what kind of side dish I wanted. For me, this is not a waiter, just a food carrier. Sooner or later, this job can be easily replaced by a robot. I'd rather speak to humans.
The difference between a waiter and a food carrier is in care. Waiter is a person who cares and understands everything his customers want. Then, he properly communicates this message to the chef so that you get what you want. I used the word “want” on purpose. In my earlier story – I did order a beef steak. That is true – however, what I really wanted was a well-done steak with potatoes.

Your staff = marketing component

Waiter/Waitress is the main marketing person in your restaurant. Does he/she smile? Does he/she greet first? Is he/she able to recommend you a good meal or a proper combination of more meals? Is the waiter able to sell more than the customers initially wanted to order? For instance, a cake, coffee, ice-cream.

Care about marketing messages your company sends

Think about your own business or the team for a few minutes. What marketing message is spread by your employees? How do they write emails to each other and to the clients? How do they behave when a client walks into your office or store? Do they greet, do they smile? Will they make your clients feel welcome?
Business is much more than selling products or services. It is about relationships. Look at your business critically, the same way your clients do. Find the issues before they are noticed by the clients, then it might be too late.