• Marketing Processes

  • What are Marketing Processes for?

    • .. stearing your attention to your clients
    • .. helping manage and motivate people
    • .. defining tasks and goals for your business
    • .. removing bureaucracy
    • .. making communication between teams easier
  • Effective management

  • Effective management ..

    • .. requires a leader not a boss
    • .. defines tasks and goals clearly, but allows people find their own way
    • .. cares about time schedules and deadlines
    • .. defines clear responsibility for each team member
    • .. values and uses employees’ feedback
  • Employee motivation

  • What improves employee motivation?

    • Accepting the individuality of each employee
    • Providing of the space for being creative
    • Creating opportunities for self development and growth
    • Listening to what employees have to say
    • Understanding that identical treatment will not work

8 clear signs that your company will benefit of Marketing Processes

  • You want to keep ahead of the competition
  • There are complaints coming from your customers
  • Product or service delivery takes too long
  • There seem to be many unproductive tasks and chaos
  • Your teams behave like a group of individuals
  • Your teams often experience conflicts
  • People leave your company, and your business is slowed down
  • You want see more initiative and creativity.
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How is leadership connected to marketing?

If a leader employs Marketing Thinking into his own business approach, now, it is time to implement this approach throughout the company. The goal is to have each process, each person and each workflow connected to the clients' needs. This is what we call the Marketing Processes to emphasize, that each operation has a business and marketing purpose.

Why do we need to reflect clients' needs in every element of our business?

Simply, because if we exclude the client from our internal processes, we either waste time and money, or we do not provide the service clients are expecting. We want to provide services clients love, and refer further. A referral means that someone else is doing the marketing for you - and for free! Shouldn't that be the ultimate marketing goal?
marketing processes

Marketing processes include

  • Marketing - how we present our business and to who
  • Management - how we lead people and listen to their ideas
  • Operations - how we organize all operations
  • Contact with clients and sales
  • Performance evaluation of the teams
  • Individual motivation and responsibility
  • Reputation, clients' satisfaction