• Custom web development

  • How are we different?

    • We are creative, think out of the box
    • We have your clients or the app users always in mind
    • Important marketing features are implemented automatically
    • We help you tweak marketing communication
    • We answer emails promptly
    • We build long-term relationships
  • Web development technology

  • Technology we use for your websites

    • Backend: PHP 7 with Laravel framework
    • Database: mySQL 8 with hybrid RDBMS/noSQL approach
    • Frontend: VueJs as the Javascript framework
    • Frontend styling: SASS as the CSS framework
    • Design: Custom design or professional html templates
    • Our code uses OOP best practices making it easier for future extensions
  • Marketing technology

  • Let technology work for your marketing

    • SEO and web optimizations for a higher ranking potential
    • Analytical tools, e.g. Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Webmmaster Tools
    • Visitor browsing paths and behaviour analysis
    • Automation tools for marketing, sales or operations
    • Web hosting, website speed improvements
    • A/B testing and UX optimizations

Web development - reliable applications built with PHP/Laravel/VueJs

Hire us for you next web development project. We use agile project methods meaning that we keep you involved throughout the development. We can quickly adapt to new requirements or changes.

We know there are many software companies. So, how are we different? We have had several clients who were forced to left their previous vendor, because they simply stopped communicating. This will never happen with us! We answer emails promptly, usually within a few hours.

Communication is the key to every successfull cooperation.

Our development concentrates on easy future extensiblity and code maintenance. For this reason, we follow Object Oriented Programming (OOP) rules and best practices. During our introductory meetings, we will explain to you why this matters. We have published several educational articles about this topic.

Why do development costs differ so much among different agencies?

Cheap vs well written code

If you ask a developer about the price, and it is suspiciously low, it might actually be realistic for the initial project phase. However, poor code kicks the developer and also the client in the back very soon. As the code growths (yes, it will!), it becomes more and more difficult to update it, or add new features.

After some time and many new requests from the client, the developer using poor coding techniques will just say: "Sorry, it is not possible".

After a developer gives up, the client can start all over, and invest into the same project again. We have already met such clients several times.

The green line of the graph means that a well-designed app is more expensive at the beginning. However, it is easier for extension or update.

If you plan to extend your application (and yes you will need new features and updates!), then consider a technically more sophisticated solution. Even though you might not be a programmer yourself, be curious about the technology. Just ask the dev team to explain their style of coding. Check visually their code. Try to understand a piece of code. If the code doesn't make sense to you at all, it means it is bad.

Examples of our successful projects

web page example

Personal website for a fitness coach Jen Bosco

web page example

Personal website for a therapist Cynthia M. Chase

web page example

Business website for a real estate agency Linking House

web page example

Our project YourWebGraphics.com - still under development as a beta version

A few numbers and comparisons - PHP/Laravel vs. Wordpress

Most clients know Wordpress and they ask us whether we would use it for their website. The simple answer is No!. Let us explain, why custom development is better in majority cases, and how Wordpress has become an extremely bad solution.

Speed and size of our PHP/Laravel websites: cyberma web speed screenshot

This is a speed test for our main website without any 3rd party scripts, such as Google Analytics. They actually make the score a little worse. The following are websites we created for our clients. Then a few Wordpress sites for comparison.
web speed screenshot
web speed screenshot

Compare to Wordpress sites of our EU clients:
web speed screenshot
This is quite a big Wordpress website with many plugins. The loading speed is extremely low.
web speed screenshot
This is a very simple Wordpress website running on the same server as the first two PHP/Laravel sites. You can notice this Wordpress web is 2x slower than PHP/Laravel ones.

Why PHP/Laravel wins over Wordpress?

  • Laravel sites are fast and easy to optimize. As programmers, we have everything under control.
  • Laravel code is much more secure. Wordpress can update its own files. We have already helped several clients whose websites got hacked.
  • At first glance, Wordpress seems to be free. But, don't get fooled! It is not free! Wordpress and its management is extremely difficult and costly. The bigger your site, the more maintenance hours you will pay for.
  • Wordpress is built by thousands of people. On top of that, there are millions of plugins, often created by amateurs making your own site vulnerable to attacks. Many plugins are outdated, not updated regularly. You risk your website crashes any time.
  • Wordpress makes it extremely difficult to maintain two versions of the same site - one for testing (called stage) and one for production. This is caused by a) very bad Wordpress code design b) licences you only get for one site/domain.

    Remember, in IT, if anything works without issues on the first try, it is very suspicious. It just doesn't happen often. So yes, there will be errors, crashes, problems. It is always a part of the creating something new.
    Isn't it better to solve all of this on the development or stage web version not affecting your visitors? Most of the Wordpress websites are updated live, which is extremely bad practice and a huge secuirity risk.
  • Wordpress websites are huge, because every plugin you use loads its own styles and scripts. Our sites load only 1 or two style files and 3 necessary JavaScript files.
  • Wordpress tries to make the use easy for non-programmers. This ultimately leads to extremely bad coding, slow websites, difficult maintenance and security risks.
  • Wordpress is poorly designed when it comes to the connection with the site domain. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to migrate wordpress to a new domain. Plus, it is nearly impossible to test the site on your local machine. A typical Wordpress admin updates a live website. It just calls for a disaster. Live websites with traffic should not be updated directly! It can take hours to find a mistake in your code while your visitors will see a broken site or some kind of error warning. Or worse, some sensitive data or parts of code can get exposed.