Tools for SEO analysis

Analysis first

All creative tasks must start with an analysis. SEO is not an expception. Ten years ago, it was possible to guess any keywords about your niche and just throw all of them into google adwords or other ad network. Today however, when keywords PPC can easily cost $10-15, you really need to know what works and what doesn't. Otherwise, you will spent plenty of money for advertising that might generate traffic, but will not generate sales. Traffic without sales has only a little value. Analysis is a must for every SEO specialist. There are so many analytical tools on the internet, that it is is very tough to decide which one to use. Of course, all of them promise the best result. In this article, we would like to present two of the analytical tools that are used in our company and which we are satisfied with.
A desktop tool we would like to present is called iBP - iBusiness Promoter. We have chosen this software after quite a long research on the Internet searching for comparisons and experiences. What we liked about the software was a bunch of educational materials and step by step web site optimization manual. IBP has several sections. The most useful is probably Optimization, Keyword analysis and Competitor Spy. IBP can analyze your website for any keyword and suggest improvements. Moreover, IBP company guarantees your ranking in TOP 10, if you follow all the suggestions.
In our opinion, it is not that easy to optimize any web page for more keywords or phrases. If you over-optimize your webpage, it will look unnatural and it might discourage your visitors. It is always very important to think about people first, then the search engines. Google is improving their algorithms every day and we are certain that artificial intelligence will play a major role in recognizing a good content. Google is willing to provide the best and the most relevant search results to their clients, therefore they will always prefer such pages that look natural for people.
A little disadvantage of the software is that it needs a paid subscription to have the program updated. However, it is understandable due to necessary development. What we would not recommend using too extensively is the automatic link building. If you don't use these tools right, they can harm your ranking. We prefer the submissions to be done manually.
As a conclusion, we can advise to give IBP a try. It has a lot of great tool and can save you time with doing research an analysis.
If you do not have time to learn a new software, we are here to help you with the analysis. We can combine more tools to offer complex report about your website and your competitors.