We help SME companies overcome challenges in marketing and technology

Marketing Thinking

Marketing Thinking is a way of thinking about your target market and the proper communication with it. Your clients want to connect with people (you!) rather than companies or products. Together, we will find a way to employ marketing thinking in your business to acquire and retain clients. Before we start with any marketing, we will discuss your vision and goals in detail.

Marketing Processes

If you want your company to be one of the best on the market, then all parts of your business must work for the client. Marketing processes are a documented system helping you keep all business activities with the client's needs in mind. We will analyze your current workflow and provide an optimization strategy to make your business easier to manage. The desired goals are simple - satisfied clients and employees.

Web development

We specialize on web development using PHP/Laravel/VueJs/mySQL technologies. If you need a customized website, or a specialized web application, you are on the right place.
How are we different from other SW companies? You get useful marketing advice and SEO for free. We answer all emails promptly. We are creative, coming up with solutions your clients will appreciate.

What do our clients want to achieve for their business?

  • Sell services or products more effectivelly
  • Improve business processes
  • Manage employees more effectivelly
  • Better understand the target market
  • Use marketing budget in a productive way
  • Strong reputation to drive marketing
  • New website with creative marketing
  • Custom web applications built with PHP
  • More appealing marketing communication
  • Optimize website, improve SEO
  • Gather more data from existing website
  • Technical and IT support

How do we help you achieve your goals?

We will ..
  • .. discuss your personal vision and goals
  • .. analyze your business model and marketing strategy
  • .. challenge the assumptions you are working with
  • .. analyze processes inside your company
  • .. create a business concept for your company
  • .. prepare a creative marketing strategy
  • .. analyze your needs for a new website in detail
  • .. propose possible solutions for your projects
  • .. use agile web development to keep you involved
  • .. recommend proper marketing communication for your web
  • .. incorporate on-site SEO for a higher ranking potential
  • .. implement analytical tools to gather important data
Let your technology support your marketing for successfull business!
Peter Matisko - Director

A few words from Peter Matisko

We connect marketing and technology in a unique way. The goal is simple - it should all work perfectly for you and your clients. Whether it comes to marketing, web development or a business concepts, we always put extra creative effort to our work.

When business owners ask me, how we are different, the answer is simple. We care about your individual business journey, about your own vision, motivation and goals. We know, that without spending time with you and understanding of who you are, we would not be able to create individual solutions. It's not technology making the difference, it's always the people!

We put a lot of creative ideas and inspiration to our projects. We support business owners in building companies that stand out and aim for the highest goals. Technology and marketing are very important tools standing between success and failure. Helping you overcome business challenges has always been our passion!

Contact us, and let's find a way for working together!

Best Wishes!

First consultation is free! Contact us, and let's discuss your project.

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