Our Story

Greetings to our visitors!
My name is Peter Matisko, I am the founder of our small technology and marketing company. Our business journey started in 2012, and since then, we have been bringing Marketing Thinking and technology solutions to our clients' businesses.

Marketing thinking is not only for business, but also for yourself. Personal marketing and your personal brand are an essential part of a successful business. Employing the new way of thinking helps our clients not only in business, but often in their personal lives. The attitude you have towards your life is the key to success and happiness.

The core principle of our business is: Because everybody is different and unique, all of us can significantly reduce competition around us. We simply do not have to compete with everyone. If you feel too much competition around you, that is a sign to you to revise the attitude you have towards business.

Technology is driving the business, nowadays. We just cannot avoid it. Consult with us your tech/IT projects and we will definitely find a solution for you. When it comes to web development, marketing technology, automation, we are eager to provide the solution.

Prague City
The City of Prague

Who we typically work with

  • Owner-operated mid-sized companies
  • Small and start-up businesses
  • Entrepreneurs with open minds, will to learn and ready to bring their business to the next level
  • People with entreprenurial spirit who want to live a happy life and prosper in business
Passion about business

How we are unique

  • We build relationships, and care not only about your business, but yourself personally. We want to know what your motivations are. Are there any fears? Are there deep personal obstacles sabotaging your efforts? We will help you find and remove them.
  • We are life-time learners. Everyone in our team puts a lot of effort into education and learning new things. We often work on completely new things.
  • We work hard, and we love it! You will never find a "Finally Friday" post on our Facebook. Why? Because we have chosen work we enjoy doing! We also keep the work-life balance in mind :-). We also inspire our clients to build such ventures.
  • We always make an extra step to make our clients satisfied. Even if a mistake happens, we do our best to make things right.
  • You will always be able to reach us. We return calls, and we communicate friendly and openly.